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Your business is unique, and the pricing will be customized.
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A basic management for new businesses with minimal requirements

ECN Manage
ECN Helpdesk
ECN Backup
ECN Security
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Custom policies for large businesses, or compliance requirements

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Custom Security
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One company, all you need

ECN Manage

ECN Manage is our core offering. We will monitor, manage, and keep healthy everything that plugs into the network.

ECN Helpdesk

When something breaks, you need fast support from expert techs. ECN IT Solutions has response times under 10 minutes.

Question 1

What does ECN IT Solutions cover? 

In general, ECN will cover everything related to I.T. that is part of your plan.

Question 2

How does the money back guarantee work?

ECN offers a 90 day money back guarantee on all managed support. Contact us to learn more.

Question 3

Is ECN IT Solutions a good choice for my startup?

If you want a clunky I.T. company who likes servers, look elsewhere. For the awesome startups focused on delivering an awesome product, ECN is your choice.

Question 4

How long does onboarding take? 

Typically, onboarding takes about 4-8 weeks. It could be more or less depending on your environment. Any required migrations will come before onboarding is finalized.

Question 5

What are the custom policies and other offerings? 

ECN will write completely custom security policies, acceptable use policies, and structure your I.T. differently to match exactly what you need.