What We Do

Managed IT Services is a big term with a lot of moving parts. To help you understand the value ECN IT Solutions provides to our clients, here is a breakdown of the expertise we provide in our service in non-technical terms.

Help Desk Support

Your employees hold onto their issues without a responsive help desk, which slows downtheir work or prevents it entirely in certain aspects.Think about the current process your team uses to get help. It probably falls into these primary categories:

1) They ask someone at your office – This is very common and one of the main reasons you want to have an IT Provider. In a lot of cases, employees are more than willing to help their peers. While that is helpful, now you have two individuals that you’re paying spending time on an issue that an expert can solve in minutes. That’s real dollars lost!

2) Deal with it – You would be amazed how many times an organization thinks they are lowmaintenance. They believe they will not have many service tickets submitted by theirteam. When they get an IT team that actually solves their problems, it’s like a floodgate atfirst because of the number of employees that have held on to an Outlook issue, theinability to use certain apps, or the want to have multiple computer screens to increaseproductivity, for example. This is the “illusion” of low maintenance that is costing yourbusiness productive time.

3) Service ticket – With ECN IT Solutions, your team submits a service ticket and we jumpon the ticket to find a long-term resolution. This frees up the back log, preventsemployees from wasting time, and creates more productivity and moneyfor your business


Many businesses believe they are not a target for ransomware or other breaches. It’s not a scare tactic to say that you are. The bad actors (oftentimes nation states and organized groups, no longer just some individual in their basement) KNOW that small businesses are the least likely to have the proper cybersecurity layers in place. However, if they cannot access their data, they will definitely pay for access. That is exactly why cyber attacks have been growing exponentially. They do not care about your data, they care about your money.It would be easy to outline the layers we put in place, which is extensive, but it would be best to explain the why and how.If you would like a full list of cybersecurity measures, we can provide that as well in our “Executives Guide to Cybersecurity.

There are 3 primary considerations when creating ourcybersecurity best practices:

1) User impact – Hindering the user impacts productivity.If it slows your organization down, then the ROI inchoosing our service goes down. While some aspects areunavoidable such as Multi-Factor Authentication, mostlayers have no impact felt by the end user.

2) Effectiveness – Does the layer provide additional valueto your organization? We do not implement multiple layersdoing the same thing and we’ve tested thoroughly toensure they work effectively.

3) Price – We service small and medium sized businesses.If it checks the first two boxes, we need to make sure it’s ata price point that our clients can manage; otherwise theygo without the necessary security. Price is a major factor,but also only one piece of the equation.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

While this service may not be the most exciting, it is critical. If something happens to your data, whether it’s user error, employee inside actor, or a hacker, your data is safe.

If you have onsite servers, they will be replicated onsite and offsite. We can quickly get your server restored and operational. See our Service Level Agreement and Disaster Recovery plan to get specific timelines based on your agreement.

In addition, backing up your Microsoft 365 accounts is critical.A user can easily delete their emails, or a SharePoint site could be infiltrated. Having a third-party backup ensures that data is not lost.

Microsoft 365

If you’re like most businesses, Microsoft 365 is a major component ofyour productivity. Many IT companies just set users up with email andprovide no training and minimal support on a fundamental aspect ofyour business.

We are Microsoft 365 experts that will help you use this productivitysuite to get the most out of your subscription. You’re paying for theMercedes, so hopefully you’re not driving it like a clunker. Not only canwe provide fast response and answer questions on maximizing yourMicrosoft 365 subscription, but we also offer end user training throughtech tip videos that teach them how to get the most out of their computersand Microsoft 365.

We provide guidance on the additional applications included at no additionalcost in your subscription and how to use them. Check out our“More than Office Products” E-Book to see a quick guide on the additionalvalue waiting for your business!

IT Strategy and Professional Services

Are you opening a new office? Are you ready to get rid of old or aging servers? Do you want your IT closet to be clean and labeled? As your IT partner, we will be consulting you on technology projects that will help your business thrive. Our professional services team lays out a plan and timeline to take you from your current environment to where you envision your organization to be.

Examples include:

1) Eliminating the need to remote into the office by moving to a fully cloud based SharePoint environment.

2) Setting up a new office with conference room systems, security cameras, and the latest computers with dual or wide screen monitors.

3) Vendor Selection – We assist with evaluating the correct technology partners for your organization. Doing this on your own can cause issues if apps or partners do not integrate well with your current systems. Having a professional services team assist with evaluation and selection reduces headache and frustration by making the right choice and saving time.

You take your business seriously and want it to look and feel both professional and cutting edge. Now you will have the IT Provider to make sure your technology matches that mission

Cloud Services

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the cloud. If a potential IT provider (or your current provider) is creating a cloud proposal without doing a deep dive into your current business needs and technology, you are being provided a cookie cutter approach.

This is a recipe for frustration when moving to the cloud.

We sit with you to identify your future goals for growth, how you prefer to interface with your data, and what options are available to you. This approach ensures our clients are happy with moving to the cloud rather than regretting taking on a cookie cutter approach.

In a world of increasing remote work, cloud is inevitable in many ways. You are already using cloud-based applications with your business specific applications. The need for an onsite server is diminishing every year. While it’s inevitable, it does take proper planning. Working with ECN IT Solutions ensures you are in the best hands to help you with this transition that will improve your organization overall.

Although this is not the full extent of the value we provide to our clients, it’s a good overview of what you can expect from ECN IT Solutions. To see additional services we provide and manage for our clients, we can provide a full list explained in easy to understand verbiage.

Transitioning to a new IT Provider can seem like a daunting task. Rest assured we manage every step of the way and interface with the previous provider, keeping you completely hands-off.

Take full advantage of the value we provide and let us help you achieve your mission