Learn How ECN IT Solutions Gets You Going Quickly

Time to ditch the complexity.

Week 1

On week 1 we begin to build your profile in our system, assigning assets, auditing security, and more.

Week 2

Week 2 is generally when you get access to the dashboard. It is not done yet-not even close, but it is built enough for employees to start making tickets and requesting support.

Week 2.5

By now we are working hard in the background, changing configurations and documenting what is in use.

Week 4

By week 4, we'll have a good handle on your environment and what is going on. We'll start sending reports on usage and potential changes.

Week 6+

By now we have already written most of the internal polices for your company, as well as audited and documented the majority of your I.T.

Week 6 is generally the completion of onboarding.

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